About Us

KK IMPORT EXPORT was incorporated in 2019 by entire hardworking team of KK IMPORT EXPORT GROUP with its Corporate office in MAKRANA – INDIA first, than expanded in DUBAI, INDIA, CHINA and NEPAL. KK IMPORT EXPORT symbolizes impeccable quality and unparalleled service. The brand has been associated with grandeur and elegance, with a reputation for providing the most finest class of various Granites, Marbles, Quartz, Sandstone, Slates and Limestones etc. Respected by its peers and customers a like, the company has been steadfast in its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Today, the company has established itself as one of India’s largest Exporter the exquisite range of over 300 types of Stones from all over India and exporting more than 5 Countries around the globe. KK IMPORT EXPORT has been built on the four pillars of PRODUCT EXPERTISE, CONSISTENT QUALITY, UNWAVERING COMMITMENT and MORAL INTEGRITY. The whole team of the group is passionate, highly motivated and driven by excellence. KK IMPORT EXPORT, caters exclusively to the growing demand for Indian natural stones in various part of INDIA and DUBAI.

We are exporting the comprehensive range of high quality natural stones to various countries.Our main international products are Raw Blocks, GRANITES (Slabs and Tiles), MARBLES Slabs, QUARTZ Stone Slabs, Sandstone, Slates, Limestones and MONUMENTS, CUBIC STONES, COUNTERTOPS, FIREPLACES, CUT to SIZE and many other desired stone arts in wide colors with various surface finishinings. The major advantages of dealing with KK IMPORT EXPORT Group as appreciated our customers including faster inventory, less capital tied in inventory and low total life cycle cost as a business point of view , all these results increased profitability on the part of our valued customers. KK IMPORT EXPORT Group is strategically located in the rich Granite belt of Indian natural stones in Bangalore, Karnataka, So we can supply uninterrupted source of raw and finished material worldwide. We, KK IMPORT EXPORT is a fast growing quality conscious manufacturing cum export company offer common platform for launching their products in high competitive international markets. It comprises a group of dedicated team of trained professional known for their craftsmanship and workmanship in international marketing, trading, manufacturing and exports which brings into effect wide range of skill and experience leading to synergy of strengths.